Get real-time feedback from candidates at every critical touchpoint.

Amara can interact with your candidates at different stages of their decision journey to understand their overall experience and help recruiters know about high risk candidates.

Offer a great interviewing experience

Amara will touch base with candidates during the interview process to identify how they are feeling and provide insights to the TA organization which will help them take measures to enhance overall experience.

Keep candidates engaged post-offer

Amara can interact with offered candidates at different timelines to know if they are fully engaged or disengaged and help recruiters take required actions.

Journey towards a great candidate experience!

Stage 1

Campaign Design

Define the objective, set up the flow, select the questions to be asked during different stages of candidate decision journey and you are ready to launch.

Stage 2

Personalized conversation with candidates

Amara initiates a discussion with candidates in a personalized manner to understand their experience, empathize with them and give a confidence that their voice is heard.

Stage 3

Time to take action!

Amara will use predictive analytics to monitor candidate sentiments and generate triggers based on data about the potential loss of a candidate.

What our users have to say about us!

  • hireXP helped us improve the candidate response rate from 70 to 80 %. We were able to improve communication with the candidates. Before hireXP, we were not able to pinpoint candidates who were perhaps going from Amber to red category and we were not able to understand what's going wrong. HireXp helped us build the predictability and we were able to convert the candidate from red and amber category to green. HireXP definitely has an edge over other tools available in the market.
    Nandini Bhatnagar
    Head Employer Branding - Publicis Sapient
  • Amara has played a pivotal role in getting descriptive feedback from the employees. Employees are happy interacting with Amara and subjective in showing their concerns. We are happy that Amara is driving a collaborative culture and engagement.
    Deepa Arora
    HR Head Cointribe