I am an embodied conversational bot who can chat with your employees and candidates at critical touchpoints and predict those who are highly disengaged or unhappy.

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Robust engagement mapping

Amara chats with employees at critical touchpoints in their employee lifecycle, to gauge their level of psychological investment in the organization and proactively find out those who are highly disengaged or at attrition risk.

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Rapid people insights

With Amara, you can run special campaigns, such as surveys to gain insights on the impact of current policies and programs or events. Amara reaches out to thousands of employees in real time, scientifically analyzes the responses and presents a report with actionable insights.

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Be a part of a milestone journey

In a dynamic workplace, shifts are constant. Employees progress into bigger roles, join cross-functional teams, move to new sites, and other special moments such as landmark work anniversaries, special birthdays etc. Privy to essential experiences, these employees are your knowledge banks and their journeys become a learning for you. At this important juncture, Amara reaches out to them to gather critical information that helps you strategize future practices.

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Actively engage candidates

Gaps in communication and grim feelings of being in the dark are erased by Amara, who consistently reaches out to candidates to keep them in the loop about the current stage and duly prepares them for the next steps. Amara’s candidate feedback helps you to further innovate the interview process and boost your brand value amongst competition.

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Features such as these make Amara an evolved bot, and vital for your success

Keeps data secure

Amara’s architecture enables complete safety and security of all data in her system. All measures are in place to keep clients’ information confidential. Amara is not only GDPR ready but also stands tall in claiming complete client privacy and security.

Highly scalable

Amara’s superior inbuilt technologies effortlessly permit her to engage with an augmented number of people. Initially set up for X number of employees, she can scale higher to engage with 10X, 100X or 1000X employees at a time.

Smart dashboard

Amara’s easily navigable dashboard is not only user friendly, but also gives a complete and concise picture of the employees’ pulse. Moreover, it is ahead of its time with vital functions, such as downloadable and shareable dashboard, presence of essential filters, different types of reporting and more.

Highly customizable

Although inbuilt with superior people practices, Amara easily adapts to meet the requirements of different enterprises. Several adjustments on the workflow, response design and reporting ensure maximum outcome for diverse users.

Multiple communication channels

Communication is at the core of Amara’s functionality, as she constantly seeks responses and sends commands. For an uninterrupted and timely connection between different stakeholders, Amara is equipped with all popular channels of communication, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp and Slack.

24/7 Listener

In Amara, your employees have a friend who is always approachable and is always listening. Her advanced capabilities of scientifically analyzing employee emotions and prompting actions from leaders to enhance employee experiences further strengthen their trust in her.

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Seamless integration across different mediums

Amara can easily integrate with your existing HRIS and the chats can be deployed across multiple communication channels like Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and many more.


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