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Augmenting and Automating HR.

About Us

We believe that people are an organisation’s most valuable asset. When you create an environment in which every person has the opportunity to succeed, you build a business that will succeed. You build a people-first company.

As a team, we encourage each other to innovate and grow every day.

We provide the most scalable, innovative, user friendly, value oriented and customer focused set of products for HR transformation.

We help you through the journey and value your relationship and your business.


A big hello from AMARA's team

Vikas Kakkar
Founder & CEO
Akshay Nanda
Partner Technology
Marina Zolotoverkh
Co-founder & COO
Krishnan Kasturirangan
Business Consultant
Ambarish Gupta
Sanjay Baxla
Business Consultant
Company Secretary
Om Prakash

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