Continuous engagement

Meet Amara an embodied conversational bot who can chat with your employees at critical touch points in their employee life cycle.

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Three key steps of Continuous engagement

Select touch points & questions

An agile Amara aligns easily with each organization’s unique requirement

  • Pre-define specific touch points between Amara and employees adjusting the communication tone and the question bank to derive outstanding results.

Personalized interactions with employees

In-built with capabilities such as sentiment analysis and psychological interpretation

  • Amara can strike a chord with employees by personalizing the chat, understanding their pain points and displaying genuine empathy, thus encouraging them to confide in her.

People Insights at your finger tip

Enabling HR to quickly gauge employee satisfaction at the workplace.

  • Amara uses predictive analytics to monitor employee sentiments and provide actionable insights on the dashboard.

  • Converts huge volumes of qualitative data moods, attitudes, and emotions into numbers

  • Monitors employee sentiments and provides actionable insights on the dashboard by using predictive analytics

Solutions that enable you to build cohesive teams

Advanced features
  • Cloud telephony integration
  • Anonymous message
  • API integrations
  • High potential employees mapping
  • Whats app business API

  • Executive dashboard
  • Custom reports
  • Custom cohorts
  • Text analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Disengaged employees repo
Enterprise Ready
  • Custom solution
  • Agile billing model
  • GDPR ready
  • HRIS integrations
  • Privacy & security

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