I am an embodied conversational bot who can chat with your employees and candidates at critical touchpoints and predict those who are highly disengaged or unhappy.

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Candidate experience

Keep in touch with candidates at all times

Amara actively engages with all your candidates from the moment they apply for a role, up until the point they receive an offer letter or a rejection. She ensures that they are never left in the dark, and boosts your brand value so that you do not lose any candidates to your competitors.

Why candidate experience?

In a candidate-driven market, you rarely have the luxury to select a candidate. In fact, it is the candidate who selects you. A robust candidate-experience strategy improves your chances exceedingly.

A great recruitment experience gives rise to positive emotions, attitudes and behavior from the candidates, enhancing the candidates’ overall perception.

Amara’s prompt responses through emails and messaging keep candidates’ feelings of frustration and disappointment at bay.

Good candidate experiences will augment your organization’s brand worth, as word of mouth spreads when candidates share their positive experiences on Glassdoor and social media.

Negative candidate experience can wreck your business and the damage will be long lasting. This is because, unhappy candidates will not only reject the job offering but never apply again and also discourage others from applying.

Engages continuously with candidates

  • Sends a message acknowledging their job application
  • Informs them of all steps in advance
  • Intimates and sends reminders before each step
  • Takes feedback at every touchpoint

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